Why We Left Guanajuato City: Property for Sale in Mexico

Originally when we left Guanajuato at the end of the pandemic, we simply wanted to buy land to have a farm that we’d tend to for part of the year and then return to Guanajuato for the other part of the year. After we left Guanajuato though, and settled near Mexico City, my dad had a stroke and we realized that it would be a lot easier for him and my mother to visit us in Mexico from the U.S. on direct flights to Mexico City. Then, our daughter and her husband had a baby and we quickly realized that the farm environment suited us better with this new configuration to our family. For this reason, we decided to explore the possibilities of renting or selling the Casa en Pueblito. 

In reality, we’re open to different options in terms of offering the Guanajuato property as a rent-to-own, seller financing property, as a for sale by owner property. We’re also open to the idea of working with someone as a property manager to rent the apartments as AirBnB’s. In the states, we once owned an old public school building that we had purchased outright from foreclosure. Later, when we attempted to sell it, we discovered that banks won’t finance a loan on an “unconventional property” like an old public school building. So we ended up offering the school as a rent-to-own property instead of trying to sell it in the usual way.

The world has changed a lot since we left Guanajuato about 3 years ago and even more since we first moved to Guanajuato 8 years ago. When we first arrived in Guanajuato, we were excited to open our apartments up as AirBnB’s. Before the property was finished though, we took a trip to Asia, my daughter met her husband, and we ended up living in Myanmar for 6 months. On the day we left Myanmar to return to Mexico, airports began to close behind us. The COVID pandemic took shape in the wake of all this and the idea of opening an AirBnB no longer seemed feasible or even palatable for 2 years. 

We’d had grand plans prior to that time to create a worldschooling hub in Guanajuato City, but this plan fell through as a result of COVID. Though we continued to entertain the possibility of doing a Halloween event at Encino Park in Guanajuato (which is located right next door to Casa en Pueblito) even after we relocated to our farm near Mexico City, my daughter had a difficult pregnancy and once the baby was born we realized that it would be too much to go back and forth with a baby / young child. It was time to look at finding a property manager in Guanajuato City or someone who would be interested in buying the property. 

So for us, the process of leaving Guanajuato City took place in stages. Guanajuato was and still is our favorite city in the world. It’s a beautiful place that’s truly unique. There’s no place like it on earth. We never intended to leave Guanajuato in a permanent way, but now, we do love our farm too and we hope to find someone who will love our Guanajuato City property as much as we do.

We’ve kept an open mind about the Guanajuato property regarding how and when to rent it out or sell it. This is a property that could be used as a coworking space, as a worldschooling hub, as a spa, a language school, and more. It’s an excellent family home especially for families with kids who might return from college to spend longer period of time with parents. Because it’s located so close to Tepetapa, the main street that runs through Guanajuato City, Casa en Pueblito functions well as a business. It could be a bed and breakfast, a hotel, or just a residence. When we were living in Guanajuato, it was the ideal location for us and we hope to find someone else who can appreciate this property and enjoy it the way that we did.

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