Guanajuato City Worldschool Community

Officially, there is not a worldschool hub in Guanajuato City, Mexico, but there are a number of worldschoolers who live there nonetheless. Lainie Liberti, the famous worldschool influencer, is one of them and she offers a number of worldschool activities (both online and in person) from her domicile in Guanajuato City. Worldschool kids and parents who are looking for a place to land where they can easily hook into a community of English-speaking or Spanish-speaking people should check out this city. 

John and I were some of the “original” worldschoolers 20 years ago. We did worldschooling before the word “worldschool” even existed. We RVed the entire United States. Later we traveled to over 50 countries with Lydian when she was between the ages of 10 and 18 years of age. We discovered Guanajuato City in 2013 and it became our Home Base in 2016. She met her husband, a young man from Myanmar, and they got married 2 years later. 

We were extremely grateful to have this real estate in Guanajuato City after Lydian got married. Lydian’s husband is Burmese and they were able to live comfortably in the 3rd floor apartment of this property for several years before they had a baby. It was really awesome to live so close to them while still being able to maintain privacy from each other in this property. She transitioned out of being a worldschooling student to an adult as she turned 18. This transition was relatively smooth in Guanajuato capital because she and her husband had a lot of things that they could go and do together, but their lives weren’t so expensive that they felt oppressed financially. 

Originally, John and I had planned to create a worldschool community in Guanajuato City. We’d made a deal with the city to split profits on a Halloween event at Encino Park which is located right next door to the Casa en Pueblito property. Then COVID happened and that idea was scrapped. We moved to our farm near Mexico City and we do education and worldschool projects there now. Encino Park is pretty cool though and anyone who’s thinking of buying the property in Guanjuato City should check it out.

I always thought that the Casa en Pueblito property in Guanajuato capital would be perfect for some kind of retreat or group activity. The 5th floor terrace is big and could host any number of activities. A worldschooling family with kids under the age of 18 would be able to invite other worldschooling families in Guanajuato to stay at the property and participate in educational activities. 

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