Guanajuato City Real Estate: What You Need to Know

In 2013, when we spent time in our first rental property in Guanajuato City, we had to walk up over 100 stairs just to get to our front door. The property was located near the Mummy Museum and the big cemetery on the side of a mountain near the train station in Guanajuato Capital. It was great exercise going up and down those stairs, but after 30 days of living there, John was more than sick and tired of taking 5 gallon jugs of water up and down those stairs. Lydian and I were also sick and tired of carrying groceries up and down those stairs.

When we looked at property for sale in Guanajuato City, we saw many houses that included 30 or more stairs up to the front door. Guanajuato is a mountain town, after all –The nearly vertical city of the dead in the movie Coco was inspired by Guanajuato capital. The city streets were built to follow the flow of the water down the mountains and houses were chiseled into the mountainside along these twisted streets back at a time before gas-powered vehicles existed. As a result, most residential property in Guanajuato City is either located at the top of a steep stairwell or down a long, narrow alleyway.

We considered buying one of these properties that was located at the top of a long, steep staircase when we began looking for property in Guanajuato City in 2017. We got close to buying it, but someone else made an offer on it before we had the opportunity. As I mentioned in another article, back in 2017 when we were shopping for Guanajuato City real estate, houses were selling so fast it was hard to even make an offer on one that interested us before someone else had purchased it. Today (2024), it can take, on average, 5 years for Guanajuato capital property to sell. For this reason, we’ve worked with several different strategies to maintain the Casa en Pueblito while we look for a buyer who’s interested in owning a 5-plex apartment in Mexico

We saw the Casa en Pueblito property for the first time during a rain storm and we were very tired that day. We had just lost out on another property we’d considered that was, like Casa de Pueblito, near Tepetapa. At first glance, the Casa en Pueblito was not that appealing. It looked a little like rubble to Lydian’s eyes, but John and I thought we could renovate it. 

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