What You Can Do at an OXXO in Mexico: Why It Pays to Live Close to One

When we first moved to Guanajuato City, Mexico, we didn’t realize that OXXO was more than just a convenience store. To be fair, the OXXO looked like any other convenience store, but in fact, it’s so much more.

The property for sale in Guanajuato City is located right behind an OXXO which was extremely convenient to us as expats. Guanajuato City is a little bit like a labyrinth in terms of how the streets are laid out, so having an OXXO right next door is a big plus. After all, this is a place you can go to to pay some of your bills and to charge up your cellular phone with more minutes. Indeed, when you order certain items online, some of them can even be paid for at an OXXO.

To pay a bill or to recharge your phone at an OXXO in Guanajuato City, you just go to the register and tell the attendant what you want to do. She or he will ask you for the information they need (e.g. your cell phone number, etc.) to complete the transaction. 

Of course, OXXOs are also valuable as a shopping resource for toiletries and other items. You can get things like batteries or toilet paper and soft drinks at an OXXO in Guanajuato City. Having an OXXO near the Casa en Pueblito property made it so we rarely had to go into a big box store if we didn’t want to. Though in the United States, we’d go into a grocery store with a long list of things we needed at least once each week, our grocery shopping experience changed considerably in Guanajuato City. Instead of having a list to remember everything that we needed to buy in a given week, we could just pop in and buy whatever we needed when we needed it in Guanajuato City – literally at the moment when we needed something. That cleared up space in our brains to do other things which was nice. Grocery shopping became far less of a chore as a result.

Having the OXXO right next to our real estate in Guanajuato City also increases the security of our property because the OXXO is open all day and all night and it has great lighting. The bus stop drops people right next to the OXXO on Tepetapa in Pueblito de Rocha and it’s just a few steps to our front door from there. 

Whenever we had AirBnB guests, the proximity to OXXO was very much appreciated because tourists could get almost anything they needed there at any hour of the day or night. Our properties have reverse osmosis water filtration so our AirBnB guests never had to carry those 5 gallon jugs back to our property, but anyone who’s in a Guanajuato capital rental property without reverse osmosis will need to seek out a place to exchange bottles of potable water. OXXO is one of the most common places where people get their drinking and cooking water in Guanajuato capital.

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